An excellent opportunity for golfers who are serious about improving their game!

With a focus on all areas of the game, this golf school can help players refine their skills and identify areas for improvement.

The OnForm Swing Video Analysis, Boditrak Pressure Mat measurement, and Trackman Ball Flight test are all great tools for evaluating a player’s swing and identifying areas for improvement. By analyzing these aspects of a player’s game, instructors can offer targeted feedback and guidance to help players refine their technique.

The dedicated putting and chipping/sand sessions are also valuable, as these areas of the game make a big difference in a player’s overall score. Spending an hour on each of these areas can help players develop more confidence and consistency on the greens and around the green, leading to better overall performance.

By focusing on all areas of the game and utilizing a variety of tools and techniques, instructors can help players make significant progress in a relatively short amount of time.

An excellent investment for players who are committed to improving their game. The cost is $250. For less than the price of a SINGLE private lesson with Todd, you get 5 hours, shared with others, but still the value is off the charts. There are NOT many opportunities for this type of Golf School in Calgary so DON’T miss it!

NEW GOLFER (scores above 90)
Saturday, AUGUST 12, 9:30-2:30


A boot camp style training camp for golf. Your instructor will tune your game up without getting technical. This is more like a training session than a lesson, so be prepared to start on time and work the entire class.

Director of Golf Todd Halpen will host this 3-hour session, focused on pitch shots, iron shots, driver and tee shots. We will use BodiTrak Pressure system and the Trackman for ball flight launch. There are ONLY 4 SPOTS for this camp as we may be slightly limited on space depending on weather.

The cost is $175+tax.

SOG – 1March 11Saturday1-4pmTODDREGISTER HERE
SOG – 2March 12Sunday2:30-5:30TODDREGISTER HERE
SOG – 3April 15Saturday2:30-5:30TODDREGISTER HERE
SOG – 4April 29Saturday11:30-2:30TODDREGISTER HERE

TPI MEDICAL – hosted by Dr. Ainsley Vittese

On April 15, Todd Halpen and Dr. Ainsley Vittese will host a day of Physical Screens to drastically improve your golf skills. Please read the details below and find the registration link. This is covered by most insurance policies.

What is itTitleist Performance Institute (TPI)- Golf Specific Movement Analysis 

  • One hour assessment to address your medical history and golf specific strength, flexibility, and posture. The assessment involves a whole body approach using TPIs physical screen, to evaluate if the athlete has any physical limitations that are preventing them from performing an efficient and powerful swing.  
  • We will address key areas that may be hindering the golf swing such as functional movement patterns, thoracic and hip mobility, and upper and lower body strength. We will then address these physical limitations with manual therapy, and exercise to keep you playing at your best, and prevent future injury.
  • Opportunity to discuss a recommended treatment plan to address more advanced exercises progressions for stability findings and manual therapy to address mobility issues.

How will this help my golf game? 

The screening process can reveal flexibility loss, strength loss, coordination and balance issues. The exercise program is customized to address your limitations.

  • Improved mobility and increase joint range of motion
  • Core stability and improved balance
  • Reduced risk of injury
  • Increase longevity of your golf game
  • Increase power and maximize performance
  • Improve golf posture

What information will you be able to relay to my instructor?

  • Insight on the mechanics of why the athlete swings the way that they do.
  • Injury management recommendations and appropriate return to play after a golf injury. 
  • suggestions on how to maximize hip rotation in the golf swing when they don’t have any (duck feet), modifying equipment, recommendations on when your athlete should seek treatment vs playing through the pain, recommendations for changed practice parameters (less swinging, more approach and set up), drills on maximizing speed and power

How do I register? 

You can register on the Jane App which is linked to the Coalition Clinic. The April 15 day will be at Golfuture YYC.


Because the TPI Golf Movement Analysis was performed by Dr. Ainsley Vettese who is a licensed Chiropractor, you can submit this invoice to your insurance carrier and claim it under Chiropractic Care”


Looking to hit it longer in 2023? This clinic is all about power!

This clinic is dedicated to the art and science of increasing Swing Speed. The quicker you swing the club the farther the ball with travel, which means more distance off the Tee.

Jason Plosz, Certified Titleist Performance Institute – Power Level 2 instructor, will walk you through simple steps to increase your overall power and distance. The ability to hit the ball far is one of the most potent and coveted competitive advantages in golf. Fortunately, there isn’t a secret to distance, there’s a science to distance. We believe that speed is a skill, just like putting or wedge play. By understanding, implementing, and practicing key fundamentals, you can help maximize you distance and enjoyment of the game

Overspeed training is one of the hottest things in golf today.  The SuperSpeed training is a series of Over Speed training classes as a proven method for increasing swing speed, designed to train your body and mind to swing the club faster with your regular swing. When you swing faster than you normally do, you can unlock the suppressed speed you already have inside of you and immediately start hitting the ball farther.  

Super Speed Sticks available for Students to purchase at the reduced Price of $200 per set on top of the lessons (Retail value $269.95).

Jason Plosz, Class A PGA of Canada
SuperSpeed Level 1 Certified
Titleist Performance Institute Golf – Level 3 Certified
Titleist Performance Institute – Power Level 2 Certified      
Contact: jdplosz@gmail.com

CODEStart dateend dateDayTimesCoachregistration
PC – 1March 25April 22Saturday3-4pmJASONREGISTER HERE


If you’re brand new to golf, these are the classes are for you. Our instructors have over 60 years experience teaching beginners. Our goal is to make the entire golf experience completely excellent for you. Clubs are available to use during the classes. Please wear athletic clothing and be prepared to be outside during the sessions. Many successful golfers from this program bring a notebook and/or take videos of the key elements for their game. There is a lot of material, and golf is a challenge, so be prepared to practice twice in between sessions (can be at home not the driving range).

The cost is $335 plus GST and includes a One-Hour TopTracer Voucher & One-Hour Classic Range Voucher ($67 value)

CODESTart DateEnd DateDaysTimescoachregister now
AB – 1April 17May 15Monday5-6pmBRIANREGISTER HERE
AB – 5****April 17May 15Monday5-6pmMATTREGISTER HERE
AB – 2April 19May 17Wednesday6:15-7:15pmBRIANREGISTER HERE
AB – 3May 29June 26Monday6:15-7:15pmBRIANREGISTER HERE
AB – 4May 31June 28Wednesday5-6pmBRIANREGISTER HERE



These classes build on the fundamentals learned in the Beginner series, and are for the more experienced golfer. There will be an opportunity to go over some of the basic fundamentals, but has a focus on honing your skills, or alleviating a serious swing fault/issue. Our coaches can refine your swing, or help design the practice/drills required to build out better components of a new swing.

You will have a chance to get swing video analysis and other technologies.

The cost is $335 plus GST and includes a One-Hour TopTracer Voucher & One-Hour Classic Range Voucher ($67 value)

codestart dateend datedaysTimescoachregister now
AI – 1April 17May 15Monday6:15-7:15pmBRIANREGISTER HERE
AI – 2April 19May 17Wednesday5-6pmBRIANREGISTER HERE
AI – 3May 29June 26Monday5-6pmBRIANREGISTER HERE
AI – 4May 31June 28Wednesday6:15-7:15pmBRIANREGISTER HERE
Golfuture YYC