Operation 36 Junior Golf Camps

The Golfuture YYC Golf Academy is proud to announce we are partnering with Operation36!

The Operation 36 program follows a structured curriculum with lesson plans and clear goals for kids to achieve. Structure is CRITICAL for a junior to have fun and develop! Parents NEED to know how to define progress and support their child appropriately. Asking “how was your golf lesson?” just isn’t going to work.

When you register and download the Operation 36 golf app, you stay involved in your child’s progress, ask specific questions “What did you learn about Etiquette, Green Reading or Ball Flight today?”. Your child will be proud of achieving different benchmarks and levels during “Testing Week” as they improve. 

In Operation 36, there are 12 milestones that each contain 6 levels. Compare it to martial arts where there is a clear path to achieving each “belt.” In Operation 36, the path is also clear to earning each level and it will result in shooting lower scores and having more fun!

Another feature of the Operation 36 program is that your child can rejoin anytime and continue their progression. Perhaps your family takes a summer vacation, you can take a semester off and your child can use the app to stay current with what is required to reach their next milestone!

We have added 6 classes starting in March and they will fill up quick! There will be more starting in May so stay tuned! Each semester has 8 classes and 2 play days where we go on the golf course and play 9 holes for a total of 10 classes.

To learn more about Operation 36, please visit our website, or the Operation 36 website, or check out some of the resources provided below.
9-Hole Parent Guide
Operation36 Scorecard
Operation36 Match Guide


In Operation 36, there are 12 milestones that the kids will work through with the goal of achieving all 6 levels. Compare it to martial arts where there is a clear path to achieving each “belt.” In Operation 36, the path is also clear to earning each level and it will result in shooting lower scores and having more fun!

Each class will have a friendly competition as part of the curriculum that will include a chance for kids to earn “skill point chips” that they can redeem for prizes at the final class of each semester!


U11 – Ages 7-11
U15 – Ages 12-15


The total cost of the semester is $515.00 plus tax.
It includes 8 lessons following the Operation36 curriculum, 2 Play Days on the Par 3 course, a Bag Tag to track progress, a Pouch for your Skill Point Chips, unlimited use of the Operation36 App and ALL curriculum videos, and prizing for the last day!

CodeStart dateend datedaystimesRegister
U11 – OP36 1March 5April 30Sunday4:15-5:15REGISTER HERE
U11 – OP36 2March 5April 30Sunday12:15-1:15pmREGISTER HERE
U11 – OP36 3March 8April 26Wednesday5:15-6:15pmREGISTER HERE
U11 – OP36 4May 1June 26Monday4-5pmREGISTER HERE
U11 – OP36 5May 1June 26Monday6:30-7:30pmREGISTER HERE
U11 – OP36 6May 3June 21Wednesday5:15-6:15pmREGISTER HERE
U11 – OP36 7May 7June 25Sunday11:30-12:30pmREGISTER HERE
U11 – OP36 8May 7June 25Sunday12:45-1:45pmREGISTER HERE
U11 – OP36 9May 3June 21Wednesday4:00 – 5:00pmREGISTER HERE
U11 – OP36 10July 9Aug. 20Sunday11:15 – 12:35pmREGISTER HERE
U11 – OP36 11July 9 Aug. 20Sunday2:45 – 4:05pmREGISTER HERE
U11 – OP36 12July 10Aug. 21Monday2:40 – 4:00pmREGISTER HERE
U 11 – OP36 13July 10Aug. 21Monday4:30 – 5:50pmREGISTER HERE
U11 – OP36 14July 12Aug. 16Wednesday2:40 – 4:00pmREGISTER HERE
U 11 – OP36 15July 12Aug. 16Wednesday6:05 – 7:25pmREGISTER HERE
U11 – OP36 16July 13Aug. 17Thursday2:40 – 4:00pmREGISTER HERE
Spring 7 and 8 will have a double class on June 4; Spring 7 is 10:30-12:30, Spring 8 is 12:45-2:45
Codestart dateend DatedayTIMESregister
U15 – OP36 1March 5April 30Sunday3:00 – 4:00pmREGISTER HERE
U15 – OP36 2March 6April 24Monday5:15-6:15pmREGISTER HERE
U15 – OP36 3March 8April 26Wednesday4:00 – 5:00pmREGISTER HERE
U15- OP36 4May 1June 26Monday5:15-6:15pmREGISTER HERE
U15 – OP36 5May 3June 21Wednesday4:00 – 5:00pmREGISTER HERE
U15 – OP36 6May 3June 21Wednesday6:30-7:30pmREGISTER HERE
U15 – OP36 7May 7June 25Sunday3:00 – 4:00pmREGISTER HERE
U15 – OP36 9July 9Aug. 20Sunday1:10 – 2:30pmREGISTER HERE
U15 – OP36 10July 10Aug. 21Monday6:05 – 7:25pmREGISTER HERE
U15 – OP36 11July 12Aug. 16Wednesday4:30 – 5:50pmREGISTER HERE
Spring 7 will have a double class June 4 from 3-5pm


semesterdatestee times begin
March/AprilApril 2, 235:30pm
May/JuneMay 28, June 254:30pm
July/AugustJuly 30, August 204:30pm

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